We provide buyers and sellers with an experienced real estate attorney that will fight for their interests and execute a smooth closing.  A real estate closing should be a positive experience, but it requires preparation and trouble shooting that only a good attorney can provide. 

Contact us today and we can start the process immediately.  We make the process quick and easy for your convenience.


Buyer Representation:

  • Review Contract and Disclosures
  • Advise changes or modifications that need to be made to contract or addendums
  • Coordinate with lender to keep mortgage on schedule
  • Review title commitment, survey, HOA docs, home inspection 
  • Attend closing and explain all closing documents and mortgage 


Seller Representation:

  • Order title commitment from title insurance company
  • Review contract
  • Advise client on changes requested by buyer's attorney and respond
  • Communicate with buyer's lender to get mortgage approved
  • Obtain survey, HOA docs, and payoff letters required for closing
  • Identify closing costs that can be minimized or eliminated to save money
  • Prepare and execute documents for closing